DUO – The Startups

Apart from Designing and Development of websites or Softwares, DUO has Powered 3 Startups in Pakistan.

StarGrocers – Grocery Delivery Service

StarGrocers was initially started on 2015 but as Physical Super Market in Pakpattan, Pakistan. In 2019 When we see that the e-commerce is scaling up and in Future the eCommerce will be the power of Stores. We Start Developing our Web and Mobile Applications for user. In Feburary 2020, StartGrocers Development work has been completed and DUO will Launch Star Grocers on 14th of August 2020 Officially.

Due to Pandemic of Covid-19 StarGrocers will Deliver Grocery, Meat, Vegetables and Some of Pharmaceuticals as well. StarGrocers is using Cash-on-Delivery and Credit Card Processing Module for Customers to ensure safe and Transparent Environment. StartGrocers will have their own riders and no 3rd Party Service will be integrated.